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Thusands of hotels become kosher friendly

Save your time and energy while you travel for business, your kosher meal will come to you!

Easy and secure payments

No need to carry your own food

Order and receive KPOINTS for your next order

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Plan your food budget

Discover a new kosher world

Delicious food that tastes like home

Unlimited Travel Possibilities

Now you can stay everywhere

With our local kosher caterers every hotel becomes "kosher friendly"

Anywhere to Any Place

Discover local kosher caterers & restaurants at your travel destination

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Every supplier and it's own delicious menu

Choose from hundreds of menus, thousands of tasty kosher meals, waiting for you anywhere around the world

Every supplier and it’s own kosher symbol

Every kosher supplier signed up with KOSHERWHERE must have a kosher certification, the copy of the certification can be viewed on the meal selection of every supplier

Worldwide Coverage

We are extending our service everyday with more and more kosher suppliers.

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Real value that saves time & money!

With KosherWhere Without KosherWhere
Hotels with Kosher access
Hundreds of thousands of hotels
100-200 Kosher hotels
Wasted Time
8-16 hours
Easy & Secure Pament
Credit card & PayPal
Additional Baggage
Tranportation To Kosher Restaurants
Kosher meals come to you
$10-50 depending on distance
Reciepts & Invoices
Sent by email
Earn $1 for every $100 spent

And there is more!

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