Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kosher?

The Hebrew word kosher means "fit." The kosher laws define the foods that are fit for consumption for a Jew according to the requirements of Jewish law.

The kosher laws were commanded by G-d to the Children of Israel in the Sinai desert. Moses taught them to the people and wrote the basics of these laws in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14; the details and particulars were handed down through the generations and eventually written down in the Mishnah and Talmud. To these were added various ordinances enacted through the generations by the rabbinical authorities as "safeguards" for the biblical laws.

Throughout our 4000-year history, the observance of kosher has been a hallmark of Jewish identity. Perhaps more than any other "mitzvah," the kosher laws emphasize that Judaism is much more than a "religion" in the conventional sense of the word. To the Jew, holiness is not confined to holy places and times outside the everyday; rather, life in its totality is a sacred endeavor. Even the seemingly mundane activity of eating is a G-dly act and a uniquely Jewish experience.


KOSHERWHERE.COM™, an innovative kosher gateway that connects kosher travelers with local kosher caterers and foodservice suppliers and make it simple to pre-order kosher meals with door to door to delivery to any place !


KOSHERWHERE™ saves you the trouble of spending time buying kosher food before you travel, carrying additional food (usually another bag) that may cause overweight fees and most importantly spending time and money driving and looking for Kosher food. Today Kosher food travelers have a hard time finding, ordering and obtaining Kosher food while traveling abroad, which makes traveling more expensive and stressful.

What makes it so special?

KOSHERWHERE™ makes it simple to order food at any time, from any place, with an intuitive user interface that perfectly serves the needs of people who keep kosher.
Thousands of hotels are now “kosher-friendly” and travel possibilities for kosher travelers have increased by leaps and bounds.

How does KOSHERWHERE work ?

Simple: you search for a kosher supplier at your destination, then you select your weekday & Shabbat meals, tell us where you want to eat and the food will be there on time, so you can just relax and enjoy your vacation. Together with our certified kosher suppliers we provide high quality hot, sealed and frozen meal deliveries to almost every place around the world.

I’m not a traveler, can I use KOSHERWHERE to order kosher food for any occasion (e.g Shabbat) ?

Yes, we call it KOSHERWHERE™ Local – you don’t have to travel to use our service. KOSHERWHERE™ can be used to order kosher food to your doorstep, without having to leave the house.

How much does the food cost ?

It depends on the kosher supplier in each location, since the prices are determined by the kosher suppliers themselves. Meals range from $10-$50 per person, inclusive of tax, gratuity, and our convenience fee. The price doesn't include delivery costs, which may vary based on destination distances.

Who delivers the food?

Each kosher supplier uses its own delivery service to deliver the food to its destination under the right conditions.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?

KOSHERWHERE™ passes orders on to suppliers at least 2 days in advance. In some cases, orders must be placed 7 days in advance (for large orders).

How is the delivery cost calculated?

Each kosher supplier sets its own delivery costs based on distances. KOSHERWHERE™ automatically calculates for the customer at checkout.

How fresh is the food ?

Super fresh! KOSHERWHERE™ suppliers prepare the food just before you arrive at your destination. It's better than carrying cans or other food with you.

How’s the food ?

“Different strokes for different folks” – each kosher supplier around the world makes different types of food, so we suggest that new customers read customer reviews on the supplier to get more information on food quality.

I’m ordering food for a week, am I going to receive all the meals on the first day?

KOSHERWHERE supports multi shipping and now you can set dates and times of arrivals on different days

In which cases does the food arrive frozen ?

If a customer makes a large order for more than one week, the kosher supplier will likely prepare the food then freeze it, so the customer can heat it up when needed.

How do I keep the food refrigerated, to be reheated later?

If you are staying at a hotel, you can use the hotel’s fridge (room or kitchen).

Where can I heat up the food?

Food can be heated in your hotel room's oven or microwave. If you plan to reheat food, please make a note to the supplier to double-wrap the meals with aluminum foil.

How many people can order at once?

Up to 100!

How do I become a KOSHERWHERE™ certified supplier?

Click on the following link and follow the instructions by filling in menu and profile settings.

After you finish you can “Submit for review”, KOSHERWHERE™ will review your settings and approve you to start receiving online orders

How much it cost me to become a KOSHERWHERE supplier ?

Registering as a KOSHERWHERE supplier is free.

Supplier’s transaction fees vary based on the country, contact us at for more information.

I'm a travel agent and am interested in selling KOSHERWHERE™ meals to my customers, how does it work?

KOSHERWHERE™ is the perfect platform for travel agents who want to sell new kosher "tickets".

We have a special affiliation program for travel agents and airlines. Please contact us at:

I have more questions!

Please don't hesitate to email us at