Grow Your Kosher Business

Posted by David Avital on Oct 27, 2016 3:34:10 PM

Grow Your kosher Restaurant with KOSHERWHERE

kosher travel market is growing very rapidly in the past few years and it is expected to continue and grow even further.

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For many years, jewish travelers had a hard time finding suppliers for kosher food while they are traveling abroad, finding kosher food there is a time and effort consuming process. Sometimes travelers need to travel from the hotel for 30-60 minutes to get to the restaurant and many times finding the right restaurant with the food that they’d really like to eat is even more challenging. Especially when they are traveling with their families or with groups.

Today, in the Internet era, things have become easier and access to services is becoming more and more facilitated. You, as a kosher business owner should also take advantage of this huge development by getting access to this attractive market. kosher restaurants usually focus on local marketing to attract the local population, while they don’t invest almost any effort to bring tourists. KOSHERWHERE is the ultimate solution for you to access this market at no cost from your side.

We at KOSHERWHERE, not just provide you with a mini-site where you can display the products you sell, we also promote the service globally, using targeted advertising to reach kosher travelers, help in branding and promotion through our social media channels. In addition to all of that, our main goal is to provide a high quality meals, we see an advantage in providing cooked meals to our customers, we deeply believe that KOSHERWHERE should always provide a healthy solution as part of our mission, rather than “junk food”. This what makes our platform a unique fit for prime food suppliers.

We do care about the experience of our customers, that’s why we give them the option to pre-order the food even before they travel, so they can have it all settled in advance, we make sure to deliver the food DOOR 2 DOOR, to their residents, hotel rooms, offices or any other place we can get to.

So if you consider your business as a prime food supplier and you believe that kosher travelers will love it and you want to grow your business, all what you need to do is registering to KOSHERWHERE from here.

Good luck!