KosherWhere LLC, is announcing its opening

June 12th, 2017, Manhattan, NY - Press release, immediate release.

KosherWhere LLC. ("the company"), the promoter and operator of the kosher food service website and the ordering-system & management for travelers and suplliers;, is happy to announce its corporate headquarters office & e-center opening in New York, USA opening that took place mid-March 2017.

Whereas the company is a new venture, that started its operation on March 2017 and incorporated in the USA on the 23rd day of March 2017, the decision to make NYC its home base for operations, was due to and based upon consultation with its business development advisers.

In short, the decision to run the company and related operations in the USA, was based on marketing research that pointed out some facts such as but not limited to; marketing potential, Jewish Population in the United States and other demographic potential trends.

The company AKA ("the website") is a new venture with fresh and friendly Graphical User Interface defined for English language users. Hebrew users are welcome and the second language was seamlessly integrated to serve Israeli customers and deriving web traffic to the website from search engines through the Israeli domain for distinctive marketing purposes

Whereas the Israeli domain has retained certain marketing value after the pilot and testing in Israel, despite the fact that in essence it has practically no assets such as but not limited to; technical, programming code etc. associated to it, the company has decided to maintain its SEO and marketing value. As a result of this decision thereof, efforts have been made to seek an entity the may retain the traffic deriving from this domain to the website.

In accordance with the aforesaid paragraph above, on the day of 31st of March 2017, the ownership of the was successfully transferred to an added-value purchaser based in NYC, yet with full knowledge of Hebrew, that will continue to maintain the marketing efforts promoting the Israeli domain as required. The purchaser has agreed to pay for the domain the online evaluation price, payment is due in several installments as detailed in the agreement and will receive a percentage of the dollar value for each paid order that was generated from

Current & Future Plans

As mentioned above the company will be focusing on the Jewish American kosher-eating travelers' market. In the U.S the company will provide services both for domestic & international travelers, with special programs for business or leisure trips.

Following a successful pilot project supplying kosher meals for large groups sailing on a cruise liner in the Caribbean Sea, the company will be moving forward with its plans for substantial investment to develop the cruise liner kosher meals market &services.

About The Company

The company was founded by Mr. David Avital a Hi-Tech guru with many years of experience in the Silicon Valley and vast experiences, in developing online venture and in fact also other types of Hi-Tech related technology. Avital, that has registered several patents, much like many classical stories that have led to great ventures, is a very busy international traveler facing the need for kosher meals on every trip he makes especially if spending Shabbat at a random hotel around the globe.

During one of his trips Avital came up with the idea as he tells his story: "I was traveling to a city in western Europe, with a very short stop for a single meeting on route to New York. When the meeting was over and I had about 4 more hours before my next flight, that left me with now time to grab something to eat in a kosher restaurant and make it on time back to the airport. I seriously thought in my mind that one of the places must deliver all the way to the office where I had my meeting. I asked the secretary to help me with ordering, at first she thought I was joking, but she called 2-3 places nevertheless with no success. To make long story short on the plane to NYC, I had used all the hours of the long flight to make a business plan and get this idea to action, so people like me won't starve while being away from home."

Avital has met in person with several suppliers of kosher food places across the world and has developed personal relationships with many of the company's 100 suppliers worldwide, thus far.

Currently, the new platform of the website provides both frontend users' interface for ordering and backend users' interface for the suppliers. The system, also incorporates coupons and affiliation/referral program.

According with the aforesaid above, regarding the traffic from Israel, the website has integrated an older data that was used in the pilot, allowing the website to serve clients in the Hebrew language that will be forwarded to the bran new system via the domain. In the future the company's programmers will integrate a robust language module that will be used to add additional languages as well.

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